Meet Our Team

Rescue Institute's Licensed MasterMind Executive Coach™ Program is led by the finest Executive Coaches in the world!

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A. Drayton Boylston, Founder and CEO 
Executive Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author
Values Based Leadership Expert, Former CEO
Founder of The Boylston Group, LLLP and The Rescue Institute, LLC

Kathy Bowersox

Kathleen A. Bowersox, M.Ed., LPC, LPBC, LMEC
Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
Kathy Bowersox is a Psychotherapist and an Executive, Career, and Licensed Professional Business Coach, and owner of Quantum Leap Success Coaching.  She is passionate about and known for helping others create success in all aspects of their businesses, careers, and lives.

Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
As a Leadership and Effective Productivity Coach and Director of Precision Leadership Limited, Andrea helps individuals and organisations diagnose obstacles which are inhibiting success and works through them to enable the ultimate results.


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Jenna Forster, CPC, LMEC
Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach

Focusing on the Human Capital of Business, Jenna is founder and president of
J. Forster & Associates.  A dynamic Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach who
specializes in the leadership development of high potential employees.  How
may we be of service to you and or your business?
Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
As an Executive Leadership Coach and Director of Precision Leadership Limited Christine works with Executives and organisations in guiding them towards the life and business they want. Her main focus is in people development and leadership issues.

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Greg Styles, MSW, LCSW, LMEC
Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
Greg Styles has dedicated his adult life to the transformation of others through their own empowerment.  Greg is committed to providing people the tools they need to effectively meet head on the sometimes difficult challenges of life and emerge from those trials more fully self aware, and better prepared to meet future challenges.

Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
As an Executive Leadership Coach, Tami Szabo is passionate about seeing her clients achieve the kind of success they are truly capable of. In fact, she has discovered coaching to be one of the most powerful methods of bringing out the genius in both leaders and their businesses.

Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
Doctor Steve holds PhD’s in Psychology and Management, along with a professional doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is certified as a MasterMind Executive Coach™, Senior Professional in Human Resources, & Business Continuity Professional, and has focused much of his professional career in the area of crisis psychology, communication, and intervention.

Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
An Executive Coach and Consultant with 25+ years of Professional Experience and Executive Leadership, Claudette specializes in accelerating the Leadership Process for her clients. She has significant experience with Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Transformation and workforce reductions. She is known for her passion for serving.
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Licensed Mastermind Executive Coach
With more than 25 years of direct corporate leadership experience specializing in startups and turnarounds, as well as business ownership, executive consulting/coaching and leadership training with international for profit, non-profit, government and religious organizations. 

RI Certified Executive Coaches