Coaching is the Cure for this Crisis!


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Complimentary Coaching Course




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Please join us for this incredibly inspiring FREE class that provides many powerful coaching tools.

Why we created this course...

Doom and gloom is everywhere nowadays, isn’t it?

The stock market, housing issues, job loss.  The bad news just seems to keep on growing.

Are you tired of it?

Are you looking for an inspiring answer to all these challenges?

We have just the lifeline you need!

Please join us for this incredibly inspiring class where you will learn important lessons, such as:

  • Why now is the time for Coaching!
  • The Big Boomerang- how giving back can lift you up!
  • How to outsmart the negativity of the media.
  • How “going quiet” can change your life.
  • How to use Values Based Coaching™ to help make incredible gains.

And much more from our team of experts at the Rescue Institute!

We are doing this because we truly believe that together we can change where things are headingWe can make a difference and it starts with a community of likeminded people who care enough to take a stand- a stand for positive change!

stjude_logo.gif(100% of the proceeds of this original class went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.)  

One of the subjects we will cover is how giving back can start the course correction that most everyone needs. We practice Servant Coaching™ and want to show you how to as well.

Join us now and you will receive our powerful Life Purpose Workbook ™ with our compliments.

This class is about helping others change their lives - at the same time changing yours!  Please join us so that collectively we can change the world as we know it!

Together we CAN cure this crisis - through Coaching!


Questions? We are here to help! 1.800.251.1696