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The mission of The Rescue Institute is to save the lives of 10 million executives worldwide! In order to fulfill this mission The Rescue Institute recruits and trains coaches worldwide in the Rescued Model of coaching as developed by Drayton Boylston.

Drayton Boylston ( and the Development Board of The Rescue Institute envision a dynamic society comprised of professionals, both coaches and executives, throughout the world. This fellowship melds the best of scholarship and practice, creating a vibrant community within which members find solidarity of purpose and opportunities for advanced training, including access to exclusive intensives and retreats.

Drayton Boylston Additionally, members are afforded opportunities for Mentor/Mentee relationships (a potential source of income), as well as access to a resource data base continually expanding and updated. Members of this elite (but not elitist), number-controlled guild are held to the highest of ethical and professional standards. Only the crème-de-la-crème of coaching practitioners are accepted.

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